sc.eaw-14.JO.101514Exhausting. Humbling. Magical. Whirlwind. Defining. Warm. Freezing. Special. Lovely. Inspiring. Tragic. Exhilarating. Terrifying. Hilarious. Beautiful. Solemn. Thought-provoking. Frustrating. Heart-wrenching. Bonding. Game-changing. Life-changing.

Someone will ultimately warn you: It’s not a shooting workshop. It’s not necessarily about the work you produce while you’re there. And while¬†I used this to calm myself down after shooting basically nothing the first day, it left me wondering: What is it about?

I mean, all the amazing speakers are awesome. And you get the opportunity to rub elbows with a bunch of big names. But now that I’ve had a week to reflect on the experience, for me what made my time at the Eddie Adams Workshop so uniquely amazing were the relationships built with the people around me. Delirious from lack of sleep, stressed from underperforming, it’s impressive how easy it becomes to both lean on those around you while simultaneously providing the same support. There’s an instant connectedness; once you’ve shared your name, there’s no need for additional formalities. As someone who typically feels compelled to small talk his way into more personal discussion, there was no need here. Everyone was somehow trusting and inviting in their own way. I’ve never felt more comfortable amongst such a big-ass fucking crowd.

Personally, there wasn’t a single bad aspect about the workshop. But the other students and the staff and faculty (who somehow¬†cram years worth of experience into 4 days) are absolutely to blame for one of the best weekends I’ve had in years.

PS: Peep those fucking badasses on Team Lavender: Adam Wolffbrandt. Bethany Mollenkof. Chris Janjic. Grant Flanagan. Kristine Kiilerich. Matthew Callahan. Tricia Lombardi. Takashi Aoyama. Terje Abusdal.

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