Haven’t posted any photos in too long. Therefore, to save everyone time, all I have to say is: Here are some photos. Neat!

adaptedpe-2 adaptedpe-3 adaptedpe-4 barrelrace-1 biologists-2 boulderbash-10 boulderbash-13 boulderbash-14 bubblesdiy-1 bubblesdiy-2 bubblesdiy-4 chainbreaker-2 chainbreaker-5 dogsled-1 dogsled-2 esmepatterson-5 esmepatterson firstbaby-1 halfpipe-2 hoodoo-2 horsejumper-1 kayaks-1 marathon-1 minippp-1 mudrun-1 mudrun-2 nordeen-3 ohset-1 ohset-2 oregrown-1 osucascades-1 paul-1 peacocks-1 peacocks-2 peacocks-3 phillip-5 pondskim-1 pondskim-2 pondskim-3 pondskim-4 ppp-1 ppp-2 queenbee-1 rally-1 realms-2 realms-5 realms-7 realms-8 realms-9 realms-11 realms-12 rodehouse-2 rodehouse-3 slackline-1 slackline-2 slackline-3 snowshoeing-1 snowshoeing-2 summittrack-1 summittrack-2 summittrack-3 sushimonk-1 sushimonk-2 tennis-1 veteransranch-1 veteransranch-2 warmsprings-1 weights-1 weights-2 weights-5 whitewater-1 whitewater-2 wrastle-1